You may not have known that this important role even existed. People have often heard of a birth doula but not end of life doulas who support people at the other end of life. People often plan in detail for births, parties and weddings but usually not for end of life. Doula Connections believes that each and every part of our circle of life is important.

An end of life doula is a non-medical role.

Doulas provide a very broad range of services — in general, they assist people to plan for and navigate the end of their lives. They provide education, information, planning, reassurance, care, advocacy, compassion and support, all with the intention of helping you to identify and fulfil your end of life preferences, decisions, needs and wishes, wherever it is possible.

Open and honest conversation is very important to understand your wishes and preferences. A doula will guide you to talk about and map out what you’d like. It can truly feel empowering to have your wishes heard and written down.

End of life doulas believe that everyone is an individual and…

You should be provided the opportunity to be heard, your wishes and preferences noted, and wherever possible your instructions followed. We believe that people have the right to decide what support they want at the end of their life. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to life-limiting illness and end of life. We are just as much individuals at the completion of our lives as we have been our entire life. Life should be lived right until the end and our individuality doesn’t disappear with our last breath. End of life doulas can support you to uncover, plan for and navigate your end of life or support you and your family to work through any end of life challenges that may arise.

Meet our Founder

Hello, I’m Julie Fletcher and I’m the founder of Doula Connections. I discovered this beautiful role in 2020. I completed my training through Preparing The Way and decided that being an end of life doula was definitely for me. I have had a very long career in nursing, education and management and I’ve been a business owner for many years. I could see that this very important role that needs to be brought to the people. We deserve to be empowered at the end of life and I believe that people need to know that this support is available to them and what is possible for them in regard to choices and options.

Most people want something different, something individual and personal. We want to be heard. We want to know our options. We want information. We want connection. We want support. We want to know the truth. We may want to feel empowered and have input into our own end of life.

To me life is a gift and I want to live it with joy, happiness and fulfilment. When it’s my time to leave this world, I want to know that those around me are aware of what’s important to me and that they will do their best to meet my wishes.

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