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We get it, most of us don’t really want to talk about dying and even if WE do, many people around us avoid these discussions as it can make us feel uncomfortable and often scared.

There’s a level of discomfort that most people feel when the subject is raised. It’s almost like if we don’t talk about it, it won’t happen.

Pretending that it won’t happen to us and the people we love is of course being in denial but nonetheless, the subject is mostly avoided. The topic is changed, people all of a sudden need to go somewhere, you see their body language saying, “NO, I don’t want to even think about this, let alone talk about it.” I reckon you know what we mean!

So if you’re one of those people who does want to have your wishes known, then the support of an end of life doula could be just what you need. That’s what end of doulas can help you with, to assist you to get what’s in your head and your heart talked about and written down. To ask you some deep questions that will generate some very personal answers, things that you may have never even considered, and connect you with an end of life doula for support and guidance, if you or someone you love has a life-limiting illness or you’d just like to be prepared well ahead of time.

End of life planning and doula services are for you if:

  • You want your wishes and preferences written out in a clear plan,
  • You’re an independent thinker and you don’t like a ‘one size fits all’ approach,
  • You’ve got some idea of what you want and don’t want,
  • You want expert support and guidance to be there when you need it,
  • You like to be prepared and organised,
  • You like an open and honest approach,
  • You don’t want to leave family and friends in conflict, squabbles and disagreement,
  • You have a life-limiting or terminal illness,
  • You’d like to choose what you think will work for you and know your options,
  • You want to have deeply important discussions about end of life,
  • You and/or your family need that someone to support and guide you.

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