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Work with your chosen end of life doula together online. You will be able to talk in great depth over 2 sessions and be supported to create your end of life plan. This is great for people who’d like to work with someone who’s an experienced doula.

You will be guided through the questions in a compassionate but direct manner so that your plan will be well thought out and reflect your wishes and preferences. Your doula will prepare an interim report for you after your first session, so you have a week to reflect on your choices and make any amendments or additional wishes to your plan in your 2nd appointment.

After your 2nd session, your doula will go back into your plan to ensure all you have discussed is captured and send it to you once it’s completed. It’s then time to share your plan with your family and those you love most, and of course to store a printed copy with the rest of your end of life documents.

Not only will this save potential conflict and disagreements it will provide peace of mind for your family and friends and there will be less stress and worry for everyone as your choices and preferences are clear.

At any time after this package you would like some extra doula support, you can purchase additional hours here as well.

Cost : $340 plus GST

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We also have the option to complete your plan yourself. The ‘do it yourself’ option is perfect for people who are good at working online, like to get things done in their own time and know what they want in terms of their end-of-life plan.

When you purchase this option, you will be given access to a very in-depth form to complete. The questions are a mix of basic and complex and the aim is to get you really thinking and get this information down on paper.

It’s not a legally binding document but more a statement of your wishes and preferences. It’s up to you who you share this information with and you can update your document later if you wish.

If you start with the ‘do it yourself’ option and later decide that you do need doula support after working on this form, we’ll provide you with a coupon and the fee you’ve already paid will be credited to your upgraded Doula Connect Online package.

Cost : $90 plus GST



For some people, the 2 sessions that you get with our doula connect online package is all that’s needed, but many people find that they need more time with an experienced end of life doula for ongoing or additional support. This can be for many reasons, for example: you’ve been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness; there may be differing points of view among your family and friends; you’re nearing end of life or you just need someone to support you, guide you and be there for you.

Even though it’s not in person, you will still be able to establish a deep and connected relationship with your preferred doula online or over the phone. Our aim is to have doulas available to support you, regardless of where you live.

You will know if this is the best option for you.

Fees are $55 per half hour plus GST.

– Or a 5 hour package for $510 plus GST.
– Or a 10 hour package for $995 plus GST.

Packaged hours can be used in small 30 min increments or as a bank of hours as required and as best suits your needs.

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A lot of us want the human touch, actually being in the same room, not just online on the phone. We have connections with experienced end-of-life doulas dotted around Australia. They are a beautiful group of people and their mission is to support people and their friends and family to navigate the end of life.

If one of our doulas doesn’t work in your area, contact us via email and we’ll try to find someone for you. If this isn’t possible, use the online option.
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