Preparing the Way

Preparing the Way provides the most comprehensive end of life doula training in Australasia with different courses to suit everyone, because they are dedicated to only training in end of life (no birth doula training).

They have the experienced team, the resources and the platforms to help guide you in your attempt to answer all YOUR end of life queries, whether they be your personal questions, for someone you care about or if you are interested in pursuing a professional end of life doula role and joining our amazingly active doula community.

Preparing the Way have a Foundation workshop that has to date been attended by over 1,500 participants, all eager to find out what they really need to know about end of life…

Which leads straight into Preparing the Way’s 4 day Intensive course. Again, held face to face on online with experienced educators and run with no more than you and 8 others in a class, to ensure the course facilitates a comprehensive dive, deep sharing, and safely guided exploration of the end of life doula role for you, and the other doulas who attend.

Excitingly Preparing the Way this year have also launched the 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services. This certificate provides education and training that bridges existing service gaps in conventional, non-medical care provision. In addition, it provides training in the provision of social, emotional, practical wellbeing support for those planning or preparing for, or entering the end of their lives and those close to them.

This pioneering course is the world’s first and only nationally accredited end of life doula training course.

The certificate IV enables an end of life doula to practice in more conventional clinical, medical, palliative, and aged care environments. If you currently work in the aged care, clinical, nursing or allied health space, this qualification will deepen your practice, enhance your skill set, and help you provide a deeper holistic service to people at end of life and those caring for them.

(** If accepted into this program, you enrol with Essential Skills Training and Recruitment (RTO ID 92719) and training is delivered in partnership by Preparing the Way.)

Doula Connections can attest from working very closely with Preparing the Way over the years, that the other doulas in your courses and those you meet in the doula network after training (currently a supportive group of over 500 working end of life doulas) are almost guaranteed to become some of your newest friends for life!

Preparing the Way’s team of talented end of life doulas, their resources, course delivery and learning outcomes are all developed to reflect the mission of both Preparing the Way and Doula Connections… to educate and inspire for positive changes in end of life options, possibilities and choices, FOR EVERYONE.

We are all dedicated to helping people at end of life!

To find out more, or contact us.

Ready to record your end of life wishes and preferences?

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Purchase your form for $38.50 (inc. gst). This detailed 30 page non-legal planning form has been specifically created to help you capture ALL of your preferences and wishes around end of life, that are best considered and shared with those that know and care for you best.